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I See Things Differently

I've worked with thousands of patients and clients - and the rest of their families - for well over 30 years.  I've sought & received training from many of the top researchers & experts in addiction, health behavior change, relapse prevention, trauma, and more.  Let me share with you a "starter set" of facts on changing your relationship to drugs I call, "5 Basic Things that I've Learned About Addiction & Problem Drug Use":  

  1. Addiction isn't about drug use

  2. Recovery doesn't require complete abstinence

  3. Trauma can cause incredible damage to individuals, entire families & affect multiple generations

  4. Returning to/lapsing into old behaviors is normal 

  5. Change is incredibly hard & we usually don't budget enough for it to be successful, even when we want it

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Elbert Hubbard

My practice focuses on what I call Harm Reduction Recovery (HRR).  HRR encompasses 3 pivotal recovery principles:  mindfulness, connectedness, and inner growth.

  • Mindfulness is the way we communicate. - with ourselves and everything else in the world around us:  Are we truly living our lives, deeply aware of our goals and values? Seeing how our day to day movements align or miss those goals & values?

  • Connectedness is about surrounding ourselves with people we love, who love us, and who want the best for us always. It may also mean having a connection with a spiritual connection either inside or outside of ourselves. 

  • Inner Growth asks, are we moving forward most of the time in our lives?  Are we seeking out new adventures, new experiences, challenging our minds/bodies regularly?  Harm Reduction Recovery doesn’t seek to encourage perfection in your behavior but rather it seeks to help make you a perfect human being:  someone who makes mistakes from time to time and moves forward more compassionately because of them. 

                                                                            Welcome to your new recovered life!

Image by Rodion Kutsaev

“The only regret I have in life

is not having made more mistakes.” 

Image by Cristian Escobar

This is Not

Traditional Treatment

"People don't resist change; they resist being changed."  Peter Senge, PhD; MIT

If you’ve tried traditional addiction treatment, rehab, or 12-Step programs for your addiction - or perhaps you’d like to try to moderate your drinking or other drug use – and you’ve found that traditional methods just don’t fit for you, Harm Reduction Recovery may be the right alternative. 

  • Harm Reduction Recovery:

    • Is based in scientifically-proven* methods 

    • Honors people’s choices & lives

    • Respects families’ uniqueness

    • Uses a model of change that's trauma-informed & culturally humble

    • Meets all family members where they are - and helps them leave when they're ready 


​​​For a free 30-minute consultation – by phone, or video platform - call or email me today at 510-919-9678 or

                                                              Start designing your own Recovery Roadmap!

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