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Dee-Dee is the queen of harm reduction and MI.

Recent Graduate student


Here are some comments from recent trainings, Individual & Family Change Counseling & Coaching work (ICC), Motivational Interviewing Coaching & Supervision (both individual and group), & college/university classes.  All comments are anonymous as this is required in many cases.

With taping, I hear just how often I miss - and dismiss - the solutions offered by my patients. Thanks, Dee-Dee!

Former MI Coaching Client

I sincerely appreciate the time and energy and feedback you provided. Especially, I’d like to thank you for input that was extremely specific and on point for my needs

Former MI Coaching Client

I am learning how to better talk to my clients.

Recent MI Coaching Group Attendee

I am deeply grateful to Dee-Dee for the insightful, strong, supportive presence she was during our work together. She has a remarkable ability to nurture and challenge at the same time, and to help her clients see and feel the strength they already possess.

Former ICC Client

IMG_1337 DD class HRSS19.jpeg

I really enjoyed your technique and style of teaching. I learned all lives are worth saving and any positive change is a success. The information you gave us was very real and straightforward and not just out of a textbook.

—College Student

Wonderful presenter/trainer. Fabulous information. I wish I could go to a more extensive training to really further the learning.

Recent Conference Attendee

Dee-Dee has a gift or a calling for teaching prospective counselors.

—Agency Staff

Thank you! It blew my mind. Something simple, so new and so old.

Recent MI Coaching Group Attendee


I am excited to live my life fully and powerfully, and I can't recommend Dee-Dee's help enough to anyone who would like to do the same.

Former ICC Client

Image by freestocks

Dee-Dee helped me get to a remarkable new place in my life, a place of fulfillment and presence and genuine participation. I am writing up a storm since I worked with Dee-Dee. I am able to manage my drinking, and even my eating and exercise habits are changing as I am becoming more comfortable with the idea of self-care and self-worth.

Former ICC Client

Thank you – this was the

BEST MI I’ve attended.

Recent MI Coaching Group Attendee

One of the best teachers

I have ever worked with.

Former ICC Client

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