Dee-Dee Stout Consulting is focused on 3 areas:    

As someone who has studied behavior & change (including addictions, other mental illnesses, and more) for nearly 30 years with some of the world’s foremost experts on the subject, I know that Change is usually harder than we expect or plan for so getting a bit of help can make a positive difference. As a Coach & Counselor, my job is to partner with you to help you make the changes you want. In other words, I am always looking to work myself out of a job with each client-consumer I see (strange, huh?).  I have no desire to have you dependent on me or my services for any longer than you need.  Therefore, as each person is uniquely individual, we will work together to first develop a plan that fits your needs, financial situation, time, and other personal requirements.  Change is indeed hard work but it need not only be difficult:  it should also be exciting, full of possibility, and fun!  

Addiction recovery is about so much more than abstinence!  In fact, abstinence is not a requirement for recovery at all as we used to think though it can be part of any recovery, including Harm Reduction Recovery.  So how is Harm Reduction Recovery different?  HRR is defined as including these 3 ingredients:  mindfulness, connectedness, and inner growth.  Mindfulness is the way we communicate with ourselves:  Are we deeply aware of our lives and what we’re doing in them?  Connectedness is about surrounding ourselves with people we love, who love us, and who want the best for us always. It may also mean having a connection with a spiritual being either within or outside of ourselves.  And Inner Growth asks are we moving forward most of the time in our lives?  Are we seeking out new adventures, new experiences, challenging our minds and bodies regularly?  Harm Reduction Recovery doesn’t seek to make you perfect in your behavior but rather it seeks to help make you a perfect human being:  someone who makes mistakes from time to time and moves forward because of them.  Welcome to your best life!

“The only regret I have in life is not having made more mistakes.”  Author unknown

This is NOT traditional treatment!

If you’ve tried traditional addiction treatment, rehab, or 12-Step programs for your addiction - or perhaps you’d like to try to moderate your drinking or other drug use – and you’ve found that they just don’t fit for you, Harm Reduction Recovery may be the right alternative.  Harm Reduction Recovery is a model based in science that honors people’s choices & lives, respects families’ differences, and at its core, is model of change that is trauma-informed and culturally humble. It is sometimes defined as “meeting people where they are.”  I would add that I also don’t want to leave you there!  After all, change is at the core of seeking help.  As MIT professor Dr. Peter Senge states, “people don’t resist change; they resist being changed.” The Harm Reduction Recovery model I use means I will never tell you what to do because I don’t know it all!  I believe that you know inherently what’s best for you though perhaps you’ve not had a chance to talk about your ideas for change.  I also understand that people get stuck between wanting change and not wanting change.  I like to call that place the “Hallway of Hell”: it’s what you’re stuck in when the last door has shut and before the next one creaks open.  It’s also called ambivalence. I provide a place – in person, on video platform, or phone - where we can collaborate on your change plans, openly discussing the change(s) you’re considering:  how you might design your perfect Change Plan, what options might be most successful for you, what reasons you have to make this change(s), and what obstacles could get in your way.  We also want to talk about how to keep those changes going.  I will never shame or judge you because that doesn’t work to change behavior, especially not addictions.  And because I’ve been in those shoes and they really hurt.

Harm Reduction Recovery for Individuals is full of choice to create true individualized help, and never attempts to tell people what to do.  Instead, using skills and strategies such as Motivational Interviewing and mindfulness which are all focused on the needs/desires of the individual, HRR helps you develop your own course, move at your own pace, celebrate your successes, and mindfully learn from setbacks:  nothing is a mistake; it’s an opportunity.

Harm Reduction Recovery for Families supports families in learning how to use key harm reduction strategies to improve their relationship with loved ones who are problematically using alcohol and other drugs.  Communication is vital to the health of the family and loved ones.  Harm Reduction Recovery helps you keep the lines of communication open and equips families with specific strategies based in science so that even if separation is the chosen outcome, it is made openly with an abundance of love and great respect for all - and always leaves open the door for reconnection in the future.  Harm Reduction Recovery also doesn’t believe in letting people “hit bottom” as research tells us this is harmful to all involved and often causes a loved one’s problem behavior to strengthen in order to deal with the loss & pain and can divide a family for a lifetime.  I know this from experience!

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